Become a Mentor

Mentoring can change a child’s life.

If you live in the Los Angeles County area and are willing to volunteer some of your free time to a child in L.A.’s foster care system, please apply today to become an S4G mentor. We are open to volunteers of all genders.


  1. Caring adults ages 18 and older
  2. Must have access to a reliable car and/or computer
  3. You can build your own schedule, as long as you are meeting with your mentee at least 4-6 hours a month and meeting mentees once a week.
  4. A minimum one year commitment, preferably longer, and spend at least 6-10 hours per month with mentees.


Shoes4Grades mentoring’s program is a virtual team-based approach to mentor youth.

Our online mentoring program team consists of 4 hand-selected adult mentors, each carefully matched with one or more mentees; our mentees are at least 12 years old and have been placed in foster care within L.A. County. Mentors utilize an interactive curriculum. Our program is designed to provide youth with a weekly one-on-one 1.5-hour session and a 1.5-hour group session, with approximately 5-10 youth pre-group; the total mentoring per week is consistently 3 hours. Mentoring sessions focus on independent living skills, emotional and behavioral intelligence, goal setting, and academic enhancement skills. Sessions teach age-appropriate study habits and improve reading and writing skills to support youth in becoming lifelong learners.

Mentor Application

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