Activity Learning

The U.S. Census Bureau Reports

that children involved in activity learning have a higher level of engagement in school.

So to give our mentees the best chance at success, we’ve integrated activity learning into our services. We offer group events and activities such as hiking, financial literacy, cooking, surfing, music, games, and the (ever popular!) video games.

Summer 2023:

Financial Literacy Course


We have partnered with Citizens Business Bank to provide financial literacy education to our mentees. Education can lead to more responsible financial management, empowering young people to make wiser decisions about debt, savings, credit, and investing.

The course theme is:

Like football, successful financial management requires strategy, discipline, and endurance

The program is designed like an interactive video game to help students test their knowledge in a fun, competitive learning environment.


Completion of S4G Financial Literacy Course:

  • $250 in savings
  • $200 to invest
  • $50 for mentees to spend themselves

Financial incentives for increasing GPA:

  • $50 for 0.25 points
  • $75 for 0.50 points
  • $100 for 1.00 points

Career training/higher education:

  • $1,000 for enrolling in a certificated or a two-year program
  • $2,500 for enrolling in a four-year college or university

Special thanks to Citizens Business Bank for underwriting this course.